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Considering the General......

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I am possibly considering buying a GM product. This goes against my tradition of buying all Fords in the past, but the Excursion is getting some mileage on it and with a young family, it does not need to be front line with 150k on it. So I went looking. To my disappointment, Ford dropped the Excursion in '05. I do not trust used vehichles so the Excursion option is gone:(:mad:

I really didn't like the Suburban when I got the Excursion back in '03 but the new one is supposed to be a lot better. How does it compare to the Excursion? Any personal experienses and or info will be appreciated and thanks!

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Interior Dimensions 2003 Ford Excursion
1st Row 41.0
2nd Row 41.1
3rd Row 38.6
Shoulder room
1st Row 68.3
2nd Row 67.0
3rd Row 64.9
Hip room
1st Row 67.5
2nd Row 66.9
3rd Row 52.5
1st Row 42.3
2nd Row 40.5
3rd Row 39.0

Interior Dimensions 2009 Chevy Suburban 2500
1st Row 41.1
2nd Row 38.5
3rd Row 38.1
Shoulder room
1st Row 65.3
2nd Row 65.2
3rd Row 64.7
Hip room
1st Row 64.4
2nd Row 61.8
3rd Row 49.4
1st Row 41.3
2nd Row 39.5
3rd Row 34.9

Without a doubt the Excursion is bigger than the newer Suburban.
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The Tow rating is a disappointment as my Excursion tows 4000 pounds more then the new Suburban according to the above link! Why dosen't Chevy make a diesel in the Suburban?

What is the difference in fuel consumption?
I concur, why the hell is the D-Max at least not an option in the Sub?
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