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Cadillac's own YouTube video shows off an all-wheel drive variant
December 5th, 2011
by: Alex Villani

Mary Barra, GM's Queen of Cars announced last week that Cadillac will debut the highly anticipated entry level sports sedan ATS at next months North American International Auto Show. Cadillac has been hinting at this vehicle for some time, starting with Bob Lutz showing off a peek at the headlight, to GM inadvertently putting up a skeleton of the car on the home page, to shadowy silhouette teaser shots. This is all part of GM and Cadillac trying to get the attention of prospective buyers by stringing them along. The final piece is Cadillac's series on YouTube titled "The Journey" which gives you a behind-the-scenes look at ATS's development by hand-picked chassis engineers doing major testing around Germany as well as the fabled Nurburgring. The videos show the car tearing up parts of the Autobahn, hammering the treacherous turns of the 'Ring, and the countless hours of electronic diagnostics and chassis tuning that is being done to make sure the vehicle is dialed in to do battle with the best from Bavaria, namely the BMW 3 series.

In the second episode, ATS's lead development engineer Chris Berube announced that the team has two weeks to nail down the details on the chassis tuning, getting it ready for final certification back home. The video goes on showing clips of engineers pouring over every part of the car, looking at data on laptops, playing with different chin spoilers, swapping out different tires, and talking about tweaking the steering inputs. You see some ATSs on the highway, dealing with traffic, making sure it has the ability to remain stable while traveling at high rates of speed and dealing with normal-road conditions. It isn't till the 1:50 mark do you get a glimpse of an ATS that seems to be lifted slightly off the ground and all of a sudden the front wheels start to spin.

Yes boys and girls, this is an all-wheel drive ATS being tested along side other powertrain variants, including one with a manual trans and one with an auto. In one scene, you see up to three ATS mules sitting in GM's paddock being worked on. On top of the AWD treat offered up in this video, you can also see several parts of the aluminum-intensive front and mostly stamped steel rear suspension as well as some shots of the interior at various parts throughout the video. We are not sure if the AWD variant will be announced or shown in Detroit, but I would bet on it. Do you see anything else? Please post up and share with the rest of us.

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