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As I've noted before, the "rental" label has nothing to do with a car's image.

Detroit's horrible midsize fleet whores gave rentals the bad name, not the other way around. I've been stuck behind the wheel of some godawful Taurus, Stratus or Grand Am more times that I care to remember. It was enough to swear me off domestics forever. But not because they were rentals, but because they were such horrible cars.

And dumping them in such large numbers on the used market doesn't hurt them either. The Camry isn't just the most popular new car, it's also one of the most popular used cars. So it's not like having a certain model flooding used car lots hurts a car's sales potential. Having a lot flooded with sloppy unappealing midsize sedans does.

I'm actually ticked off that I can't find certain vehicles (trying finding an Enclave) readily available for rent.
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