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So we have a lot of people on here who actually buy used Vettes right???

U have rented a car before right???

I have... and I will tell U that I damm sure didn't treat it like it was min.

IN FACT... Hertz does the Mustang GT rental thing. Back in the 60's they did too... It was a MANY of cats who would rent a Mustang for the weekend just to take it to the track. I'm sorry bro... but I don't wanna buy a used 430HP car that not just one driver was in... but 15 or 20 different drivers abusing it.

I mean seriously... have U ever driven yours and not thought... "DAMN!!! I should be driving this the way my mom drives her Corolla."?

THANK GOD... .they aren't renting MN6s
It says right there in the article that all Avis Corvettes will be automatics.

Which means that if you're in the market for any desirable used Corvette, you're safe.
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