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Combining discounts?

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I wasn't quite sure where to post this. I hope this is the correct place! Can the GM Educator discount be combined with the FamilyFirst discount?
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No they can not. These programs do not represent a dollar-amount off of the selling price but are rather fixed selling prices set by GM. The Educator Discount entitles the client to Supplier Pricing. Family First is either Supplier Pricing or (the better) GM Employee Pricing.
No, the Educator discount is = to Supllier discount.

If you qualify for the Family discount, that is the way you should go as its considerably larger, all 3 of these are individual "base" discount programs, which any would allow, loyalty or conquest rebates as well as standard rebates to be conbined with them.

What are you looking to buy?
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Thanks for the quick replies! We're not looking to buy anything immediately. My wife does, however, have her eye on the Acadia Denali.
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