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Colorado Z71

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In its production form, the all-new Chevrolet Colorado sets the benchmark for the midsize truck segment by offering an unexpected combination of features that provide increased functionality and capability. The Colorado Z71 Vision shown at this year’s SEMA demonstrates how Chevrolet’s Z71 package is being expanded to deliver off-road performance to two-wheel-drive models.

On Colorado Z71 Vision that performance begins with a Vortec 3500 inline, turbocharged five-cylinder engine that produces 350 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque. Peak torque is delivered through a broad 2000- to 5200-rpm range.

Part of the credit for the 130 horsepower and the 125 lb.- ft. of torque increase from the 3.5L production engine belongs to the IHI turbocharger and the Honeywell air-to-liquid charge cooling system with Bosch water pump. The 3.5L turbo is mated to a four-speed automatic transmission and a 3.73:1 limited-slip rear differential.

Optimal handling is provided by the independent coil spring front suspension with a coil-over-strut design, while the full-floating, live axle steel leaf spring rear suspension is just what the doctor ordered for off-road travel. Bilstein gas-charged front struts and gas-charged rear shocks complete Colorado Z71 Vision’s suspension package.

Providing the “show” to complement Colorado Z71 Vision’s “go” are the front fascia with integral projector beam driving lamps, a front grille with unique three-dimensional expanded metal screens, front and rear wheel flares and a unique rear fascia. Colorado Z71 Vision also features a full-size sliding cloth sunroof.

Inside, the front bucket seats and the folding rear bench seat are trimmed in clay leather with graphite bolsters and indium inserts. Indium also is used on the door trim panel inserts, while clay vinyl is found on the headliner and visors. The steering wheel is finished in clay and ebony leather, with ebony stitching – ebony also is the color of the carpeting, the instrument panel and the trim.

Colorado Z71 Vision is shod with BF Goodrich all-terrain LT265/70R16 tires mounted on Mickey Thompson Classic II 16x8 wheels. It is finished in Dupont DNA White tri-coat paint.

Chevrolet’s Off-Road Performance Z71 package is being expanded to accommodate both the two-wheel-drive as well as four-wheel-drive Off-Road Markets. This expansion is to recognize and participate in the rapidly growing two-wheel-drive Off-Road market. In either drivetrain configuration, Z71 customers benefit from a higher vehicle stance and specific suspension components, as well as a locking differential, traction control on two-wheel-drive models, Z71-specific tires, skid plates, a heavy-duty air cleaner, and wheel flares. For a complete list of features available on Z71 models, be sure to visit the GM media site at

Chevrolet continues to expand its line of performance models with SS, Z71, and Xtreme.
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I thought that was more like what a turbo I5 would be like! ;) Christ! IS TODAY CHRISTMAS OR WHAT!!! This is THE best day this site has ever had!!!!!(IMO anyway!) I am freaking whistling zippity-do-dah out my a-hole! :D
Originally posted by sykboy@Oct 28 2003, 12:47 PM
I am freaking whistling zippity-do-dah out my a-hole!:D
Ditto that! :lol:

Perfect line from "Chevy" Chase! :lol: :lol: :lol:
holy crap, so this isnt just a concept?!?
Originally posted by TaHoE@Oct 28 2003, 10:30 PM
And if you thought it SOUNDED BADASS:

:D wow :D
This is what I'm looking for. WOW!!!!!!! GM could sell everyone they made. And think about it, None would ask if a 5 cyclinder was enough!! 350 ft/lb of torque. Sign me up!!!!!!!!
Gotta have it.
This is the way the truck should have come out to replace the ZR2 S10s. The production Colorado Z71 is disappointing, very disappointing to this ZR2 owner.
Wow! A turbo I-5 AND those good looks. I'm loving it. That's the best looking Colorado i've seen yet.
I agree with all the "Wow!"s. That looks gooooood :woot2:
Howdy this is Louis chevy ;) finale that is what i was writting about more power great :D :D :D now if it can pull more than 6000lb and it is offered to the public i am ready too buy :bounce:
RIPPED!! This should go in a 2wd, std cab, short bed lowerd, 4.10 with a 6spd version of the colorado...and under 30k. Great stopgap for camaro owners.

Turbo3500>6.0 in HD 2500 and up? wha!
Originally posted by bigals87z28@Nov 3 2003, 12:03 PM
RIPPED!! This should go in a 2wd, std cab, short bed lowerd, 4.10 with a 6spd version of the colorado...and under 30k. Great stopgap for camaro owners.
No arguement putting a forcefed I5 in any truck. I'd drool over a 4x4 or a second iteration of the Cyclone. Maybe an extra 100 or so hp would up the towing capacity from its scant 4,000lb.

I'd only hope that this truck wouldn't gain a half-ton in the translation from drawing board to real world (a la the SSR, which I thought was supposed to be the original stopgap).
It makes me wonder if the reason the XTreme didn't get this is so that they could add more fluff (profit) to it like the Silverado SS.
I agree that this looks much closer to a ZR2 replacement. I have been wanting a 4 door ZR2 for years.
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