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Cien Featured in 2015 Entourage Film

Cien @ 1:10 mark & 1:50 mark

Some of us may miss HBO's Entourage more than others, but one way or another, it sure had some cool cars. The characters on the show were constantly trading between Astons, Maseratis and Ferraris – not to mention a smattering of Benzes and Escalades – but one of our favorite sets of wheels from the show's entire eight-year run was the 1965 Lincoln Continental featured in the opening credits.

The vintage parade car undoubtedly provided the studio with a great way to showcase the camaraderie between the four members of the title crew, but also made us pine for a time when you could actually get your hands on a four-door convertible.

Unfortunately they just don't make 'em like that anymore – not the car and not the TV show in which it featured – but fans of both will be pleased to watch this latest trailer for the upcoming Entourage movie. Not only does it include all the members of the original cast, but it also features Detroit's latest (and arguably most stylish) attempt at reviving the four-door cabriolet: the commandingly elegant and achingly desirable but sadly unobtainable Cadillac Ciel concept of 2011.
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