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Originally posted by awalbert88@Nov 20 2003, 02:50 AM
Nine new/redesigned vehicles?  That's all they've got?  Damn.  Ford has 40 coming out next year.  Not sure about GM, but I suspect it's a good bit more than 9.  The new Durango looks like the ******* love child of a Ram and a Caravan.  It looks absolutely aweful, and Hemi or not, I don't think it's going to go over all that well with the public.

let see.. the new mini van, which isnt really new, just a new design
taurass will still be there
crown vic is still there
mustang gets a retro make over for next model year
only NEW car is the GT40... and with the large amount of thoes being produced, im sure ford will sweet the imports off the map!
Other things under fords empire..
no new volvos
no new land rovers
no new jags
no new lincolns
no new mazdas
I heard of a new Aston.. but not sure?

The rest seem to be all just concepts. I heard soemthing about a ford 500 or soemthing, but havent seen much other then words and concept pictures. 40 new cars is a stretch and half. Ford is tanking big time. The are more worried about HP in there cobra and gt40 to beat vettes and vipers then how the camry is kickin there arse in sedan sales.

And I think the Impalla's sales have increase way past the taurass to right under the camry and accord. GM seems to be making more new cars.
New GP
new Grand Am replacemnet
the GTO
2 mid sized pick ups
Supercharged impalla and monte
the aveo
a new series of mini vans for chevy, pontiac, and saturn..and maybe buick?
the H3
the H2 SUT
new 9-2 saab off the Impreza
GMC Evoy XUT... shall i go on? Ford is tanking big time and once again the F-150's sales are holding them up. GM is gunna climb back to the top agian im sure of it. with its new sigma lite chassis, im sure there will be plenty of rwd and awd cars to go around.
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