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AJR you make some great points but unless they really do have a desire to get a stronghold on that market I think they will have to lose money on the deal at least initially. Obviously if it was up the law enforcement the choice would be obvious but when I see local police forces having fundraisers so they can outfit their K-9's with bullet proof vests I know it will be a price sensitive decision.

Right now the price difference is probably more than $6,000 dollars properly outfitted so even a small department that needs ten vehicles will have to come up with an additional $60,000 dollars. Even if the difference is much smaller it seems like a fortune when these very same budgets consider a couple hundred dollars to protect expensive animals and companions to be a budget buster.

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1) The rebirth of Chrysler. A few years after Daimler took over Chrysler and replaced the Americans with 2 Mercedes execs, these execs held a meeting with the then angry and distraught Chrysler employees. These guys promised to bring Chrysler back to number 1. They promised that under Daimler's control, Chrysler was going to become a force to be reckoned with like its glory years. Chrysler used to own the Police sector with the old Dodge Monoco, Plymouth Fury, and even the Dodge Diplomat. Chrysler has not been in that arena in a while, so what better way to build optimism and pride than for Chrysler to recapture a market it owned for so long. I think it is an ego thing.

Bringing Chrysler back to number 1?

This would imply that Chrysler was number 1 at one point? I dont ever recall that happening...

A force to be reckoned with? far as I can remember...even during the "glory years" Chrysler was a distant 3rd...and now its like a distant 5th or 6th beind some import automakers....those automakers dont even offer a "Hemi" or "police cars"

Yes Chrysler used to own the "low proft" high volume police and taxi segement...when people dont want to but your regular, ugly, junk sedans through retail sales....I guess the only place to go is to feet sales...

Good..let them have the police market.....
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