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Excellent Dodge rendering for police. A true homerun.

In Ford's defense, these Crown Vics were not hit at 25mph and exploding. These cars were hit at speeds in excess of 60 miles an hour. Having owned one of the products myself, the fuel tank is far away from the rear bumper and only EXCESSIVE impacts would cause problems...and in other cars, would have resulted from a degradation far quicker than in the Fords. What has happened here is rear drive phobia....that because of the era when this vehicle was designed, the tanks were behind the axle, not under the floorboard and rear seats like today's puddle jumpers have it located. The design is not flawed in as much it has not progressed. Perhaps Ford could have redesigned the whole floor panel area for all vehicles, but the vehicle is not inherently flawed....hundreds of thousands of these cars in civilian form are on the road with nary a whimper of the explosions noted by police cars....who typically park their rear ends toward the road to protect the officer from being broadsided by passing traffic. The very practice of how the cars are placed at traffic stops CONTRIBUTES to the very problem the police departments are whining about. Mind you, these same departments who are complaining CONTINUE to purchase these vehicles. Yeah, sure, they can opt for a wimpy Impala in the present market, but these departments have made conscious decisions that have placed their patrol officers in jeopardy KNOWING the vehicle they are driving.

My observations on police tactics are from my observations of the twits here in Virginia who park their rear ends toward the road to shield the officer thereby increasing the likelihood of rear impact in a very unsafe angle. Other states may do it differently, but in casual observations when visiting other states, I'm not so sure that this practice is confined to Virginia.
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