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They've made at lleast ne semi-fatal mistake. The magic new foldaway seats in the minivans are rotten seats. We've got 8 various Caravans, none newer than '95 because we simply hgave not lked what they've done with the later models. The foldaway seats are a nice idea, it's just the execution that's bizarre. They go those things into the floor not by making enough room for the existing (very good) seats, but by making seats that would fit the rather small holes in the floor. Why is it that they don't seem to realize that the minivans have kept the company alive for the last 15 years? Chrysler seems to understand the appeal of the Caravans about as well as all of the other people who tried, and failed, to crack into that market many years ago by offering inferior stuff like Aerostars, Astros, Windstars, etc. They seem to have stumbled into a success that they don't comprehend and can't manage.
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