Good news for EV buyers, bad news for Camaro buyers, or good news for everybody? The head engineer on the Chevrolet Camaro program is making a change. To the automaker's electric vehicle development team.

Al Oppenheiser has been leading the Camaro program for more than 10 years. He's the person responsible for helping get performance specials like the Z/28 and ZL1 to production. That's a tough enthusiast resume to argue with.

Now, Car and Driver says they've been told by a GM spokesperson that Oppenheiser will be moving to the life electric. The automaker is moving "some of our best talent" to work on upcoming projects on that side of the company.

That doesn't mean we'll be seeing an electric Camaro on showroom floors in the next few years, but GM says that they haven't "ruled out in the future that we [could] have performance cars that are electrified." Oppenheiser will be responsible for more than one specific vehicle, or even one body style.

So maybe there won't be a Camaro EV right away, but moving the engineer in charge of the fifth and sixth-generation Camaros to being in charge of EVs can't help but add some enthusiast flair to the company's upcoming electric vehicles.

A Bolt ZL1? Maybe not. Maybe not even a Bolt SS. But there's definitely some potential for some quick electrics to be on the way.

And if you're worried about the future of the Camaro with a new boss, Mark ****ens will be taking over the car. His current job is GM executive director of performance variants, parts, accessories, and motorsports engineering. So sleep safe, Camaro fans.

[source: Car and Driver]