Chevy runs deep, but if you want air to run a little deeper into the engine bay you need fewer obstructions. That's where the flowtie comes in.

First introduced on (and until now exclusive to) the Camaro's most aggressive variants, the flowtie is designed to improve cooling. To do that, Chevy took its bowtie emblem on the grille cut the middle out to make it just an outline.

"Our engineers designed it to help win races by using airflow to lower coolant and oil temperatures on the race track." said Kevin O'Donnell, Design Manager of Chevy's chassis cab trucks, in a statement. "The flowtie is an elegant solution. And it's going to work on the Silverado exactly the way it does on Camaro."

That means better airflow for the 6.6-liter diesel engine that makes 350 hp and 700 ft-lbs of torque. If hollow bowtie seems a little excessive to you, well, maybe you're right, but it's part of Chevy's wider ranging mission to make these trucks more user friendly.

Other design features that have been employed to make these work trucks work smarter are a hood that slopes down for better visibility, 50 degree wheel cuts for better maneuverability, a wide open engine bay to make working in there easier, and grip handles on the fiber glass (and therefore light) hood to make it easier still.

It's not just cuts that make a difference when they count in the thousands.