UPDATE: Cruze Diesel sedans will arrive from Lordstown, hatchbacks still from GM's facility in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico.

When the Chevrolet Cruze Diesel begins arriving in showrooms during model year 2017, it will be available with both manual and automatic transmission options, unlike the last time Chevrolet offered an oil burner in the compact.

Paul Hewitt, a product manager with GM Canada, confirmed the transmission options to GMI earlier today during a media event hosted at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, in Bowmanville, Ontario.

Along with the new transmission options, GM also adds its new 1.6-liter 'whisper quiet' diesel from Europe, which is estimated to produce 136-horsepower and 275 pounds-feet of torque, replacing the 151-hp, 264 lb- ft, 2.0-liter from the last-gen.

When Chevrolet first debuted the Cruze diesel back in 2013, it was in response to rising fuel prices in North America--because of its fairly accelerated development cycle, Chevrolet opted for only one drive train and one trim level as a hedge against poor sales.

Unfortunately for Chevrolet, the hedge became a harbinger for poor sales, as the Cruze diesel faltered as a mere afterthought against far more economical options from VW.

This time Chevy will not make the same mistake. Hewitt told us that in addition to both transmission options, the Cruze diesel will be made available in both bodystyles, across all trim levels--except on the top shelf Premier trim, which will remain exclusively automatic.

It's a smart move from GM-- according to Thomas Tetzlaff from VW Canada, the Golf TDI traditionally hovered around a 50/50 take rate for automatics versus manuals. Diesel has a certain appeal to the 'miserly' crowd, which was the biggest complaint leveled at the first-gen Cruze diesel.

However, Hewitt told us that during GM's market study, it was found--in Canada specifically--a high concentration of Jetta and Passat owners want the economy of a diesel, coupled with premium options like leather seating and big wheels.

With the new Cruze, Chevy will be looking to cover all bases. GM has not made diesel pricing public as of yet, we will update as information becomes available.