Lakers versus Celtics? Red Sox vs Yankees? Coke vs Pepsi? Fold the paper over or fold it under? Those are some of the biggest rivalries of all time, but the biggest one in cars is Ford versus Chevrolet. And a podcast that focuses on rivalries in business is going to be looking at that last one.

Business Wars is a podcast from Wondery that looks at businesses that butt heads. The how, the why, and the who did what to whom. This time, the lens is being focused on Ford versus Chevy. Two automakers that have been going at it for longer than many other carmakers have even existed.

Hometown pride, blue oval or bowtie, Camaro or Mustang. Listen to the history of the biggest rivalry on four wheels in this four-part podcast series. Where it started, what each company did to launch the latest salvo against the other, and how it's gotten to where it is now.

[source: Business Wars]