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Chevy Unveils "Rock Stars" During NASCAR Event

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ATLANTA - Chevrolet will introduce a new NASCAR-themed commercial during the FOX television broadcast of NASCAR's Golden Corral 500 at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on March 14. "Rock Stars" is an action-packed thirty-second spot that highlights five top NASCAR drivers as they celebrate some of their many victories behind the wheel of a Chevrolet. This will be the second commercial in four weeks that Chevy has debuted during a NASCAR event.

"'Rock Stars' is further proof that many of NASCAR's most successful, most popular and most admired drivers have achieved their fame and success while racing a Chevrolet," said Kim Kosak, general director for advertising and sales promotion. "This spot is a great opportunity to showcase Chevrolet's success in racing while complimenting our theme for 'An American Revolution.' The Chevy campaign focuses on the use of spirit and innovation to create something uniquely American and these Chevrolet drivers are a perfect example."

"Rock Stars" is a fast-paced glimpse of Chevy drivers Dale Earnhart, Jr., Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart in a variety of victory celebrations. The classic rock song "Who Do You Love?" by George Thorogood plays in the background as each driver is shown in brief clips celebrating amongst teammates, family members and fans. A voiceover message delivers the theme that these rock stars of NASCAR could drive any car they want, but they choose to race with the defending Manufacturers' Cup champion, Chevy.

"Rock Stars" is the second commercial Chevrolet has created and introduced during the 2004 NASCAR season. The first spot, "Smoke," debuted during the Daytona 500 and provided more highlights of Chevy drivers including Dale Earnhart, Jr., Tony Stewart, Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon. In that spot, each driver was shown doing burnouts in their Chevrolet Monte Carlos. The smoke that billowed from their burnouts filled up the screen while The Platters' hit song "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" played in the background.

Chevrolet created the commercials to reaffirm its commitment to racing while conveying the relevance of its "An American Revolution" campaign. The advertising and marketing campaign includes outdoor, television and print advertising to support the launch of 10 new Chevrolet cars and trucks during the next 20 months. Chevrolet chose a single theme so that the multiple vehicle launches would converge into one powerful campaign to promote innovation and dependability in their new product line as well as in motorsports.
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Well that's nice but when you can actually go to a Chevy dealer and buy a RWD V8 powered Monte Carlo that has at least a resemblance to what Chevy is racing in NASCAR, mabey this would mean something.
Tony Stewart????? So, they're gonna show his 1 win in a Chevrolet, right??
This pisses me off, Chevrolet is taking all of the credit of all of Stewarts wins in a
Say it with me people......
I'm getting to the point where I hate Chevrolet. :plasma:
And also denying the fact that PONTIAC has won half of the last four NASCAR titles with Tony Stewart and Bobby Labonte.

What is their reward? GM allows the best PONTIAC team to be stolen in one year, and the next act is to pull all of their funding after they produce no results-surprise.

I don't dislike Chevy, but PONTIAC should still have fuel for the soul and a wide track attack in NASCAR. They are the excitement division, so they belong in the Cup with the GTO!
Except to be in NASCAR, a car (or the small sticker on a stock car) needs to be made in the US (or North America. I forgot.)

An indirect rule is that the cars need to be based on boring, generic, non-sporting cars like the Monte and the Taurus (Taurus?!?!)

It would have been great. Chevy with the Camaro, Pontiac with the Firebird or GTO, and Ford with the Mustang. Dodge, dunno. I think the Magnum would fit in good. Kind of.
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