Chevrolet and Domino's have partnered to make what they claim is the first embedded pizza ordering app in a car's infotainment screen. The app is available through GM's Marketplace and will also be available on Buicks, GMCs, and Cadillacs.

The app allows users to link their Domino's profile to their car's infotainment system and make an order for pick-up or delivery. Even without a profile, you can order pizza, but with one, you can re-order your favorite pizza.

"We admire Chevy's commitment to providing the technology that consumers want the most," said Chris Roeser, Domino's director of digital experience, in a statement. "Now, Marketplace will provide pizza lovers an easy way to order the pizza they love."

This isn't exactly Domino's first foray into the automotive realm, last year they were fixing potholes in US cities to make pizza delivery smoother to avoid bumping its pizzas.

The app does, though, reveal some of the difficulties inherent in infotainment design. What point does an app that requires focus and visual attention really serve in a world where hands-free, vision-free ordering is already widely available through a new technology called the phone?

Admittedly, this app will allow users to order without a mobile device. And while that might be useful if you forget your phone, it doesn't really solve the problem of not being able to order while driving, which the phone does.

Chevrolet has been partnering with other brands, though, to provide more and more services through its Marketplace, including a partnership with Shell to make buying fuel easier for Chevy to collect data from.