Although Chevrolet didn't officially confirm it, it appears the American automaker has teased a mid-engine Corvette to its dealers.

The upcoming sports car might be the industry's worst kept secret, with numerous spy photos in recent years showing prototypes in various stages of testing. There have also been trademark and patent filings suggesting a mid-engine Corvette is in the works, and now this might be the biggest proof.

Recently, Chevy held a dealers meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada and one attendee took to Facebook to share what he saw. "Caught a glimpse of the next gen Corvette at Chevy's Find New Roads dealer conference," Nate Chandler of Van Bortel Chevrolet posted on Facebook. "It is coming, it looks very mid-engined! The teaser was part of the General Session where phones and recording devices were not permitted."

He shared more details in a post on a forum, saying that Chevy shared two photos, but showed very little. What Chandler did see is that the front hood reminded him of a Lotus, while the bumpercover is a bit like the 2019 Corvette ZR1. He also said that GM called it a supercar.

The automaker did something similar in 2012, when it teased the C7 Stingray at the same dealers meeting in Las Vegas. It should only be a matter of time before it becomes official.

this article first appeared on AutoGuide