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Chevy Impala

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Ok.. I just want the opinion of GMI members on the current Impala. It is selling really well and I think the design looks really nice (especially with the cop car black rims with the little chevey symbol in the centercap). I admit it took a while for it to grow on me but I love everything about it now, even the interior. Sometimes plain is good. Anyway what do you guys think?

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I really like the Impala--- the interior needs some updating- and after that- taillight updates to make it more like the Cobalt. But- it does seem to be selling well. I would much rather own it than a Camry-- apparently many people feel the same way I do.
i'm pleased to see the impala doing so well, especially so late in its life. i truly think it is a classic shape... from every angle that car looks spot-on. i don't generally like large cars... but the impala doesn't look bulky or overweight. it's sedate enough to appeal to the masses, and yet has enough undescribable oomph to get me excited.

i read a few months back that some group held a clinic to see what cars young people (teens and early 20's) liked. tiburon and RSX were listed, i believe, but so was the impala! it was amazing how many young people really liked the impala style, though (like with me) they wouldn't wanna buy a car that large. still, that's impressive! and the SS... in black... man, i just MIGHT buy that one!
I have owned 3 Impalas (2000 base, 2002 LS, 2004 SS) and all have been great cars. No mechanical problems except for brake rotors on the 2000. Here are some of the reasons I feel they are so good.

1.Impalas are a solid feeling car on the road, lots of interior space, but it doesn't feel like you are driving a big car (not like a Lesabre does).
The chassis was fairly advanced including aluminum front sub-frame, mag-beam, and more. I am especially impressed with the handling of our current SS.

2. The base car got as good as 34mpg and even our SS gets 24+ all around driving mileage.

3. Exterior appearance still looks good in its 5th year, basically unchanged. The stance is good, but wider wheels make it even better. I put 1 inch wider aftermarket wheels on both the 2000 and 2002 and they looked great.

4. High level of features for the price. Bottom line, these cars are a tremendous value.

I can't wait for my 2006 SS with a V8....
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maybe i'm a little bias but i love my impala. have to admit when i 1st saw in 98 or 99 at an autoshow, i loved the styling but hated the fact it was FWD v6. few years later i bought one anyway, turns out to be a great car. Most alternatives were boring.

Camry (boring)
Accord (too small, impala has more interior room, would also attract the ricers)
Crown Vic (ford, enough said)
Concord/300M (considered it)
Grand Prix (visually doesnt do anything for me)
Bonneville (too much cheesy cladding)
Century/Regal (look like rentals or old folks cars)

now this is drop dead sexy!
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Don't ask me why - but I prefer the Buick Century. Yes it is dated inside and out, but it gives me a warm fuzzy -- responsive engine, BENCH SEATING (man I miss that in other cars), and a classy, smoothed out, timeless (somewhat nostalgic) design, especially in beige.

If I were going to buy a "mid-size" sedan right now, I'd buy a Century (with some rebates), with the 2004 Malibu a close second. The Impala never impressed me with much more of a "full sized" interior or trunk space - I guess it would if I got out the measuring tape, and the whole design - esp. the taillights - just doesn't do it for me.

Of course I prefer the Bonneville over all of the above. :D
There sure are alot of cop cars out there as Impalas. I see so many white ones at the vehicle storage area here that it gives a good indication of popularity with the forces.

As far as sexy goes, well personally I feel the huge wheels and narrow sidewall length throws out the whole body/tire relationship of the car. IMHO. Like the ole saying goes, different strokes for different folks.
;) :type: Hello Impala Lovers! Remember the 1962 Impala's?? They were very COOL, man and drove like you were riding in the air, as if you were in an Airplane! They were awesome, I loved them and also some of the older Model's of Chev. Monte Carlo's too.... Maybe I am a few years up in age than some of YA?Hey, Ya'All, I do know what I like though....Rosel......
The Impala is picking up a HUGE following. There are a few companies making parts for them now. Ram air hoods, A-Pillar gauge pods and body kits.

Search around and check out A grassroots 2000+ Impala owners club that is growing fast.

With the addition of the SS and the Indy package I hope more aftermarket companies follow.
I wanted to put the Impala on my wife's new car list,
but she seriously has a grudge against round taillights.
I have no idea why, but that is her only gripe! Doh.
Chevy really should make the area that surrounds the tail lights body-colored as standard. The Impala looks so much better with the sport appearance package.
i never though i would admit it but i like the look of the new Impala alot, but no matter how good they look or what kind of S/Ced V6 they put in it i will never own one. i'll keep my 96 Impala SS w/ its 350 LT1 forever.
Me, I'm baffled. I've always thought the styling was exceedingly odd. It doesn't in the least evoke the past glories of Chevrolet. The mechanicals are run-of-the-GM-mill, nothing really special. And it started out a slow seller.

So why are sales up, what is it, 40% some in the last couple years? I don't get it.

My theory: people are getting to like the concept of Chevrolets again. Nostalgia? The fact that they have risen dramatically in quality? A little of both? And the Impala is the only car they can buy to express their re-awakend affection.

If I'm right, the Malibu and Cobalt are going to be run-away successes.

(I must say, thought, the tricked out one a couple posts up is pretty slick.)
So why are sales up, what is it, 40% some in the last couple years? I don't get it.
Number one is that the Impala is a good car. It's exceedingly reliable with either engine, gets great fuel economy, and has top-notch safety. The other reason is that it is the most affordable car available with six-person seating, which makes it a top choice for families, especially those who can't afford or qualify for higher-dollar SUV's.

The chassis dynamics are quite good. Despite the major auto publications, consumer publications continually recommend the Impala.

Chevy really should make the area that surrounds the tail lights body-colored as standard. The Impala looks so much better with the sport appearance package.
For 2004, they made it optional on the base Impala sedan, and it has done very well just for that reason.

The Impala's reliability record was a big factor for my purchase of the Monte Carlo.
Since they are the same platform, the goodness of the Impala pours over onto the MC. Since I wanted a coupe, the MC fit right into the equation.
The lights, as a feature, must be a big thing for girls. My wife, who is really not interested in cars, always commented on the tail lights of the cars that I was looking at. She wan't thrilled about the Impala's lights either.
So I looked around and around. The Dodge Stratus coupe is a nice vehicle and the 3L Mitsu motor is very reliable (170,000 miles in my 89) but the roof line is too low and the belt line to high making for a narrow window. Give credit to Dodge since they dropped those horrid gray or brown only interiors and offered black. I thought that the Grand Am coupe cured the roof height and seats were comfortable but the 175hp motor seemed anemic. Toyota's Solara and Honda's Accord were like tasting watery soup. Then, out comes the MC with the supercharger and engineering mods for beefing up the tranny and suspension. A couple of drives and I was sold.
Chevy should have offered the Impala with a black interior if they were going to go with the black only theme. That is the other item that pushed me to the MC. I didn't want a light interior (okay for a minivan or a Cadillac deVille).
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I'm glad to see the Impala getting some love here, I know some people call it a blah mobile and don't like the styling but I truly believe it's the best car in its class and the price is just icing on the cake, I've always liked it's styling, overall it does everything well and it's very reliable, a great people hauler, very comfortable, ultra quiet and refined. GM needs to be very careful when/if they re-design it.
I love the styling of the Impala SS. If they had only made it rear wheel drive and put a 5.7 liter V-8 in it, I would have bought one in a second.
Originally posted by jvmv@Feb 29 2004, 05:16 PM
I love the styling of the Impala SS. If they had only made it rear wheel drive and put a 5.7 liter V-8 in it, I would have bought one in a second.
Instead, what did you buy?
Originally posted by Rex Raider+Feb 29 2004, 09:28 PM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Rex Raider @ Feb 29 2004, 09:28 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteBegin-jvmv@Feb 29 2004, 05:16 PM
I love the styling of the Impala SS. If they had only made it rear wheel drive and put a 5.7 liter V-8 in it, I would have bought one in a second.
Instead, what did you buy?[/b][/quote]
I haven't bought anything yet. I'm still waiting for something to entice me enough into trading in my 2001 Mitsubishi Galant GTZ. 40 more horses although better wasn't enough for me to want to start having to make car payments again.
Mr.Impala is next in line 4 ABC's series extreme makeover and I cannot wait 4 the results!. This current design has run it's course, but it's not nearly as nearly as bad as that mime faced MC.
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