The face of Chevrolet's new Silverado HD has been nothing if not controversial, but Chevy's marketing manager, Hugh Milne doesn't mind.

"How much of that reaction is from people who actually buy these trucks?" Milne asked Autoblog, rhetorically.

The truth, says Milne, is that Chevrolet talks to real HD truck owners.

"All of our research that we ever did on this, we're talking to Heavy Duty buyers of all brands," said Milne. "This front end and this design over the top was one of our best-ranked designs."

Still, our readers were anything but thrilled with the redesign. Facebook comments ranged from:

"I wish I didn't have 2020 vision when I look at the front" to "Thank God GM has 2 truck brands. I think GMC will finally eclipse Chevy in the heavy duty line based on that ugly mug alone." To the simple "Terrible styling."

Still, there was some enthusiasm for the design among our readers, with a few commenters taking the time to write "Badass truck!!!" to the milder, but still encouraging "Well, the headlights look miles better than the ones on the new 1500, at least…"