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Why don't you show the rest of the videos that show just how messed up that truck is afterwards?
I've been at silver lake when idiots do those things and I'd take a raptor over a stock GM truck any day for that environment.
We were up there when a guy broke the front suspension on his H1 Hummer too.
Then there is the video of the black GMC that bent its frame.

Point is under aggressive, not stupid, driving on the dunes a Raptor actually performs well. The Z71 package isn't squat.
Ask and you shall receive:

Any truck, Raptor, custom-built off roader, etc. is going to get DESTROYED when that kind of force is applied to it. It's simple physics at work. The Raptor is a SWEET truck with an awesome motor designed to bomb across trails with ruts/potholes and what have you. The problem is when stupid people with money buy them and think they can drive them like monster trucks and take them off jumps like it's an r/c car. Then they realize their mistake and try to get the ford dealership to cover for their loss. Sorry but the only way you're cracking a frame like that is by subjecting this kind of force to it.
61 - 71 of 71 Posts
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