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Chevy Cobalt Decidedly a Notch Up

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David Booth
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Forget what you've read or heard about the new Chevy Cobalt/Pontiac Pursuit being a replacement for the cavalier/sunfire.
Instead, imagine a sedan somewhat more upscale and definately more sporty than GM's long-serving proletarian runabouts.
Since GM now has the low-cost entry-level segment filled by its Korean-manufactured Chevrolet Avea and EPica, the new sedans are free to move a little further up the food -- or, should I say, profitability chain.
So, although base models are equipped with the now familiar 2.2-litre Ecotec engine, there's also a 2.4-litre version boasting a much more substantial 170 horepower.
There's even to be a supercharged version of the Cobalt-coupe, dubbed the S Supercharged, that adds blower technology to its 2.0-litre four. And besides the upgraded displacement the new 2.4-litre Ecotec gets variable balve timing to bring its double overhead camshaft, four valve technology more up to date.
More importantly, especially considering that the cavalier has remained fundamentally unchanged for more than two decades, is that the Cobalt and Pursuit will sit on GM's new Delta architecture, which GM says is more structurally rigid than its competitors in the small-car category.
While final details are still to be detailed for the Cobalt and Pursuit, there will be eight trim levels for the Cobalt, with the sedan in base, LS, LT and SS, and the coupe in base, LS, SS and SS Supercharged.
Each version will include a specific interior, power train, suspensiona nd wheels.
Other advanced chassis systems that GM is justifiably proud of are the electronic power steering, strut-type front suspension, semi-independent torsion-beam rear suspension and front and rear stabilizer bars.
Four-wheel disc brakes with ABS will be available as ewll as an enhanced electronic traction control system.
GM hasn't forgotten how important value is in the small-car segment so we can expect the new sedans' standard equipment list to include air conditioning, electric rear defogger and a CD player.

Friday,May 27 2004
The London Free Press

The London Free Press has also published favourable articles on the equinox, Colorado/Canyon, VUE and malibu sedan. It's nice to know that some media is very NON import biased
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8 trim levels isn't so silly when you think about the fact that 6 of them are just 3 different levels that go on either the sedan or coupe. Its more like 5 levels overall.
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