The first Chevy Bolts will be delivered by month's end, and a watchful fan snapped photographic proof.

Posted to the enthusiasts forum, the image was taken today on I-75 leaving Lake Orion, Michigan.

Reports state other Bolts are being transported by rail to the first two states to get them - California and Oregon-- it's unclear if these are being sent to catch a train west. Chevrolet has been lax in doling out the granular details regarding the launch of its sub-$30,000 EV with 238 miles.

A number of Bolt buyers awaiting delivery have received notice of their cars' being produced, assignment of a VIN, and that their cars are up to status 4000 - vehicle available to ship - according to GM's ordering system.

Others have indicated their cars are now bayed, status code 4B00, this means that cars are in the process of being loaded onto a carrier (truck or train).

Technically, the 4B00 code can also mean cars being pulled for quality control reasons, and it's thus possible for them to go from 4000 to 4B00 and then back to 4000.

Given GM wants to get first cars in their new owners' hands this month, it's very likely transit is in process and cars will arrive in a short matter of time.