We just made an interesting discovery on the GM Family First site.

Family First provides discounted prices for new GM vehicles to family and friends of active and retired GM employees through participating dealers. Discounts vary by make and model, and in one such case, don't exist at all.

As of this writing, the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt is ineligible for GM Employee Discounts.


We're not even sure if the Bolt has entered serial production yet at GM's Orion assembly plant in Michigan. If it has, we know early models have been earmarked for Lyft contractors and ZEV states like California and Oregon, so the lack of employee discounts offered could simply be a measure ensuring the Bolt ends up in real world customer hands first.

What's unclear is if the lack of incentives will persist into next year when the Bolt will become available across the United States. We've reached out Fred Ligouri from the Bolt's communications team for an explanation but have yet to hear back on the matter.