At SEMA 2017 Chevrolet announced the Camaro ZL1 has been added to the Chevrolet Performance Camaro Drag Race Development Program.

The company also proudly announced they've achieved a best quarter-mile ET of 10.000 at 137.78 mph during official testing, along with a 1.415-second 60-foot time.

Announced at last year's SEMA show, the Drag Development program works exclusively on expanding the capability of the sixth-generation Camaro on the drag strip through performance, chassis and safety enhancements.

Building on lessons learned over the last year, the team is working on several "bolt-on" features and calibrations for the ZL1, which will likely be released through the Chevrolet Performance Catalog in 2018.

In order to achieve its 10-second ET the team gave the supercharged LT4 V8 a smaller blower pulley that pushed horsepower figures past the 700-hp mark, while the eLSD and MagneRide suspension get new drag focused calibrations for better launches. Chevy says a new small rear brake package and solid rear cradle mounts used on the development car are now available for sale, there's also a set of American Racing long-tube headers and WELD Racing rear wheels available through the performance catalog.

Additionally, the Drag Development ZL1 gets a larger throttle body, a new cold air intake system, 110-octane calibration, new transmission launch calibrations, drag slicks, racing seat with a five-point harness, and an obligatory roll cage.