Corvette Racing driver Oliver Gavin is hinting that Chevrolet is planning on doing something special with a new Corvette. But his vague hashtags make for a big mystery.

The Corvette ZR1 is here, and since it hasn't set a Nurburgring time yet, then that's the obvious go-to choice. But take a closer look at the tags in Gavin's Instagram post. Defeating Gravity, Z06, and Corvette vs Wingsuit. Now maybe he confused the Z06 with the ZR1, but that seems pretty unlikely. And the Z06 already has a 'Ring time. Plus it's a fast one.

The steering wheel isn't the ZR1's standard part-carbon wheel, but the suede-wrap is optional on both cars. So without seeing a little more of the car, it's hard to say which model we're looking at. So let's assume he's right.

That big box in the front of the frame isn't timing gear. It's a camera. Something big and heavy you'd want to take with you on a cool challenge, but not when trying to set a lap record.

"Defeating gravity" and "CorvetteVsWingsuit" doesn't sound like a fast lap. It sounds like a race. Like racing a skydiver in a wingsuit in a Corvette. Maybe that's been done before, but it's still pretty cool. Cooler than yet another 'Ring time at least.

We don't know what exactly is coming, or when. But we're willing to bet it's going to be cool.