When you think of the official vehicle of Texas, the first thing to come to mind is probably the pickup truck. Any pickup truck, though a lifted HD pickup with a big push bumper and maybe a gun rack on the cab and a pair of horns on the hood. Hey, this is word association, not necessarily reality. Anyway, Chevrolet thinks you're wrong. And that the "most Texan vehicle there is" is actually a Chevrolet Suburban. So to make it official, they've started a petition on change.org.

"Make the Chevy Suburban the national vehicle of Texas," the headline reads, though we're not going to touch that whole "national" part of that.

The Suburban, as you may recall, is built in Arlington, TX, where it displaced the Chevrolet Caprice and siblings way back in around 1995. That's one of the petition's talking points, but there are more.

Of course, the petition, which appears to actually be from GM, points out that there's a new generation of the big SUV expected to debut soon. They also point out that there's a new one sold every 90 minutes in the state, with more than 200,000 on the road and that Texas Chevy dealers are five of the top 10 in the US for Suburban sales.

It even cites a Texas Monthly article, which declared the Suburban the "National Car of Texas," and called it "the most Texan vehicle there is… it's big, it's strong, it's fun, it doesn't put on airs, but it doesn't keep you from putting on a few." That's from way back in 1986, showing you the staying power of the Burb.

So if you agree with Chevrolet, and want to see it declared the Vehicle of Texas, sign the petition. If you're from Toyota, which builds the Tundra and Tacoma in San Antonio, Texas, then maybe you should get your own petition going post-haste.

H/T to GM Authority