We reported last week that the Chevrolet Sonic will no longer be available in Canada this week, but now Chevy's US wing maintains that the model is safe.

"In the U.S., we remain committed to Sonic", Katie Minter, a Chevy spokesperson told CarScoops. "The 2019 Chevrolet Sonic is now available for sale at U.S. dealerships nationwide."

Officially, Chevrolet Canada said that they were discontinuing the Sonic to focus on the even smaller Spark. Admittedly, though, sales were struggling a little more in Canada-where only about 2,700 were sold last year-than in the US-where 20,000 sold.

Regardless of Chevy USA's current position, the Sonic is seven years old, which puts it pretty close to the end of its lifecycle. That means that Chevy will have to face a decision soon.

With Canada not selling the car anymore, that leaves Korea and the US as the only two markets still selling the Sonic.

[source: CarScoops]