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Good ideas!

I think Chevrolet needs to prove itself with the Malibu in 3 years. And then refresh it noticeably.

People are tired of the all-new Chevy that comes to compete with the Camry and Accord, and then overstays its welcome by hanging around largely unchanged for 7 years or more, while Camry and Accord get ground-up redesigns every 4 years.

Part of the problem is that GM has way too many vehicles in its portfolio that need updating, leaving Honda and Toyota to focus on a few strong vehicles while GM struggles to update the Bonneville here, and the Envoy there, while some vehicles like the Astro go unchanged for a decade.

Once GM has more dealerships merged, it should go for less overlap (nix one of the two - Montana and Terazza for instance) -- then we can see more time devoted to a "Camry killer".

Until then GM will have a hit on its hands for the first 2-3 years, but will suffer later when the competition gets redesigned AGAIN.
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