As promised, Chevrolet has finally revealed the Corvette Convertible. The power-folding roof can split into two pieces, which makes it the first hardtop convertible in Corvette history.

Drivers can move the roof up or down at speeds of up to 30 mph. When down, it nestles into a space over the engine, which means that trunk space is not affected.

And thanks to the Corvette's construction, torsional rigidity is (largely) provided by the central tunnel. That, combined with the regular Corvette's t-top, means that Chevrolet hasn't had to work very hard keeping the convertible from becoming bendy like a noodle. All tallied, the convertible only weighs 77 lbs more than the regular vet.

Better still, the drag coefficients on both versions of the car are identical. And to deal with the extra 80 lbs, the convertible gets its own spring and dampers tuning.


As you might expect, you lose the glass engine cover. You can, though, choose between black and body-color buttresses.

Prices do jump a bit when you pick the convertible, though. For a base, 1LT the convertible starts at $67,495 (up from $59,995 for the coupe). The 2LT and the 3LT, meanwhile, both cost $7,000 more than their coupe counterparts.

You can find out exactly how yours will look with Chevrolet's visualizer tool.