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Chevrolet Starts a New Campaign

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DETROIT -- Chevrolet will use "An American Revolution" as the theme for a comprehensive new advertising campaign to support its launch of 10 new Chevy cars and trucks during the next 20 months, Gary Cowger, president, GM North America, announced today.

The new product barrage, which includes a completely updated passenger car lineup, a new midsize pickup, three innovative utility and crossover vehicles and two new halo vehicles, is part of Chevrolet's strategy to increase sales to 3 million cars and trucks per year and reclaim industry leadership in the U.S. market.

Cowger announced "An American Revolution" by unveiling a full-size Chevrolet billboard featuring a yellow Chevy SSR. Chevrolet also previewed television and print advertising with the theme, including a 60-second launch spot by film director Michael Bay that will debut New Year's Eve.

Malibu Maxx begins Chevy's new product blitz

The all-new Malibu Maxx, which began production in December, begins a Chevrolet product blitz that will include the launch of 10 all-new products in just 20 months. Market launches for the new Colorado, Aveo and SSR begin in January 2004, followed later in the year by the Equinox compact utility vehicle, Uplander crossover sport van and the sixth-generation Corvette. A new premium small car, called Cobalt, will debut in the fourth quarter of 2004, followed in 2005 by a new Impala and the HHR, a crossover vehicle with a unique blend of Chevrolet style and versatility. These introductions will help ensure that Chevy continues to have the most complete lineup of cars and trucks in the industry.

"All of these Chevy vehicles provide game-changing design, innovative features and tremendous commitment to quality and technology," said Brent Dewar, Chevrolet general manager. "An American Revolution is about our confidence to produce imaginative, dependable products and compete with the best in the world."

New ad campaign celebrates "An American Revolution"

Chevrolet will support its new product blitz with a new advertising and marketing campaign with the theme, "An American Revolution."

"We wanted to capture the sense that something big is happening at Chevrolet," said Kim Kosak, general director for advertising and sales promotion.

Chevy car and truck advertising will come together under the new "An American Revolution" theme, with the Chevy Truck "Like a Rock" theme continuing as an important element in Silverado advertising. Chevrolet chose a single theme so that the multiple vehicle launches would converge into a single, powerful campaign.

"'An American Revolution' brings our product lineup together and clearly communicates a bold new attitude at Chevrolet," said Kosak.

Chevrolet will preview the campaign starting on Dec. 19 with outdoor advertising in key markets. Television advertising will begin Dec. 31 when the anthem spot, called "Car Carrier," debuts on New Year's Eve programming. Chevrolet will be the title sponsor for **** Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve and a major sponsor on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Chevrolet will also be at the epicenter of New Year's Eve with colorful electronic billboards in the heart of Times Square, on both the Reuters Building and the ABC Supersign.

"Car Carrier" was directed by renowned director Michael Bay, whose feature film credits include the "Bad Boys" films, "The Rock" and "Pearl Harbor." Consumers recently got a sneak peek at the spot when a sharp-eyed fan nabbed several spy photos of the new Corvette while it was being filmed in San Francisco.

The tone of the campaign will be optimistic, with striking colors, uplifting music and a strong focus on both the features of each vehicle and its connection to peoples' lives. Said Kosak, "It's a clean approach that lets the vehicle dominate the message while also communicating the overall personality of Chevrolet."

A passion for innovation

From its earliest days America has attracted people who have brought with them the best ideas from around the globe and a passion for combining these ideas in exciting and innovative ways. "From this nation, built by immigrants, came clever ideas and sweeping change, in everything from music to technology to literature to the arts and beyond," said Cowger

Examples of Chevrolet ingenuity include highly visible vehicles like the SSR with its unique convertible top and Corvette, America's performance icon for more than 50 years. But Chevy ingenuity also includes cars like the Malibu Maxx, with its flexible, innovative interior and confident driving dynamics, and the new Equinox compact utility vehicle, which will be a "game-changer" in the segment with its striking design, versatile interior and standard V-6 power.

Building from a strong base

Chevrolet's current product renaissance began in 1999 with the introduction of the all-new Silverado, followed by new Tahoe and Suburban, Impala, TrailBlazer and other models. These strong new products helped Chevrolet sell more than 2.6 million vehicles per year in the face of relentless competition from domestic and foreign competitors, creating a strong base for Chevrolet's next 10 new product launches.

"Each of these new products brings the opportunity to further increase Chevy sales," said Dewar. "By strengthening our truck and halo vehicle lineups and aggressively growing our car and compact utility lineups, we believe that our goal of 3 million sales is well within our reach."
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Good stuff!

Can't wait to see all these new cars and trucks.
Hey- the article has me excited. (and I didn't realize the new Impala was going to come out in '05)-- Chevy is going to have a strong line-up.
I guess I can see which division is getting the "Cadillac" treatment next. (i.e., lots of advertising, money and new cars), if it helped Cadillac, I can wait to see what it does for Chevrolet. I guess Pontiac and Buick are next in line.
I hope Chevrolet can gain some market share with these new product. It looks like they will overtake Ford next year, but mostly because Ford is dropping like a rock with its old car line.

Not much on the big truck front for a while for Chevrolet. I think the Silverado/Tahoe/Suburban are going to look very long in the tooth by the end of the 2005. DOD is the only big thing I know about for them in 2005.

I hope the Impala will be RWD in 2005

While it's distinctly possible, I'd give equal odds to an extensive freshening of the current Impala. My reasoning is that aging styling, interior trim, and aging powerplants are the only thing hurting this car right now. The car itself is still very good, the chassis is capable, the body is strong, and it's a safe 6-person vehicle.

I think GM has the freedom to to consider both options right now, and the success of the 300C and the Five Hundred will both factor heavily on the final product.

I would really like the new impala to be RWD. GM really needs to get back into the Police fleet business.
Ok....that's a start...let's see the products & then i'll let my pocketbook do the talking. :drevil:
I do see plenty of Impalas in police trim around my part of the country, the only ones that have not added any to their fleet are the Highway Patrol, who still uses Ford Interceptors and Camaros. Many officers that have driven the Impala actually preffer it to the Ford, there both about the same performance wise, also one department jsut got about 4 new Dodge Intrepid police cars, which recently became available. I have never heard any praise for the Ford Interceptor, most cops still miss the last 9C1 Caprices with the LT1

It would be wishfull thinking to see a RWD Impala in 2005, even if the car is a 2006 model year car, it most likley is already done except for a few details, remember in the GM design dept they are probably already working on the 2008 models. So the new Impala will probably be a redo of the current model on the same FWD "W" platform, though there are rummors of a V8 in the SS models.

The big RWD changeover at GM will probably flow from the top down, at least for full size and mid size sedans, Cadillac which is mostly back to all RWD since the last FWD Seville is scheduled to roll of the assembly line soon, then Buick and finally Pontiac and Chevrolet.
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:huh: What is this "Uplander" that they are refering to?
It's the CSV of Chevrolet (Saturn Relay, Buick Terraza)
The Impala will stay FWD until at least the 2009 MY.
Guys - think of the facts... the W Car platform is shared by the Impala, Monte, Regal/Lacrosse/Allure, and the Grandprix... why would they come out with a new FWD grandprix and use a new platform for the Chevs when they are all built in Oshawa? As for the police package - it will improve. But keep in mind testing by Michigan State Police reveals that the Impala is a very good package when compared to the v8 RWD Ford... Its alot easier to maneuver in city traffic... Anyways, look for the new Impala to do the same as the Malibu did - step it up a big notch in interior design & materials... but Chev would probably be more safe on the exterior design of their flagship(not do anything crazy except for totally redesign the bad parts of the current design - the tailamps), right? As for the SS, well use your imagination.
I'm willing to bet the Grand Prix gets RWD before the Chevy equivlients.

I mean, look at the new v8 Grand Prix that's coming.
Wow, very interesting. All I need to hear now in that report is the name Camaro and I would have fell out of my chair. I think Pontiac is getting tons of money, and they were 2nd after caddy. It amazed me to see how many new GP's I saw on the road back from school. Now, this isnt some 10 min trip... this a 4 hr drive through 4 states. Everytime I looked up, I saw 2-3 GP's driving. The bright orange parking lights give them away from 10 miles!! I think Chevy is now getting the next dose of money and boost! I hope they go back to buick. I cant belive it... 10 cars in 20 months? wow. That is some serious flexing of car making muscle.

As for a RWD impalla, I think that some of the W cars will transfer over. I think the impalla and Bonnie need to be on a longer wheel base version, and the monte and GP need to be on a smaller base, probably along the lines with the Camaro and GTO.... if they decide to make thoes cars. The Impalla has always been Chevy's big sedan, and It shoudl go back. A nice lumina could fill in the space for mid sized 4dr, fwd sedan. So many choices and combinations to pick from. Id love to work for GM right now.
Id like to see in the line up

Aveo- target: teens looking for good econmical transportation
Cobalt- good car to compete with teh civic on all fronts.
Malibu- great mid level car. not as big as a lumina, but still enuff room for a small family. Great if you want more room then a cobalt, but dont need the large sedan like the lumina.
Lumina-FWD leader. Take on the Accord and Camry along with Taurus
Impalla- RWD Sedan. Bring back the real meaning of american sedans
Camaro- RWD sports car for the everyday man. Make it all the things the imports wish they had. Big brakes, powerful engines, great drivetrains *coughnomore10boltcough*, and an overall great quality car. Much can be taken from the GTO in terms of how quality should look like. It doesnt have to have jewled dash clusters, but dont make it some POS.
Corvette-RWD sports car for thoes who desire a true pure american 2 seater sports car
Uplander- a mini van that can keep kids safe and make mom happy.

The trucks, they look good with the recent refreshing. Keep the engines powerful and keep the inside nice but remember its a truck not a caddy. Thoes are my thoughts.
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If the Pontiac gets RWD before the other W-Bodies, it'll be one year at the most. I'll bet they'll do the Monte Carlo, Grand Prix, Allure first, then the Impala. And if they do decide to do a traditional full-size again, I'd love to see it be called the Caprice. They could move the Impala to a rear-drive but keep it in its current size class, then bring back Caprice to fight the Ford/Mercury twins.
:woot2: rwd grand prix gets my vote, that would be one car that would sway me away from Ford for at least a little while. and they HAVE to bring back the coupe the grand prix looks better then the GTO imo anyway <_< no offense its just too boring to be a GTO to me.
They should just bring over the Caprice that they make in the Middle East.
Yeah, I know about that Caprice; I've been praying that they bring it over. Heck, even Holden's got a Caprice. I think that both are a Sigma chassis, so they'd be a litte expensive. I think if they do make a Caprice, it should be affordable, but have some nice features.
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