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Chevrolet SFE program for Sales Consultants Bonuses

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I would like to get a copy of program information for the SFE program for sales consultants... If anyone can help me I would be more than appreciative... We average about 95 units a month and are a Chevrolet store.. We are enrolled in the SFE for the dealership and I know we are enrolled in the Reputation program as well, but I am trying to get details on the program so I can show figures of how lucrative it can be for us!! Please help!! Thanks
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It can be lucrative- but my experience is that if you attempt to secure having your account status active and your profile secured (by using the on-line reg. & GM support staff)
, you can be in for a disappointing surprise as their follow up to issues and "pass-the-buck" tactics demonstrate the side of GM that got it into trouble.
I have been searching all over for the sfe program rules and eligibility but have come up empty. I found this forum thru Google search. The posts are pretty old but figured I would try anyway. I quit the dealer I worked at and now they removed me from sfe all together. Now I am losing $3000 in gm money. So I want to dig into this and see if there is anything I can do to stop the dealer from screwing me out of thousands. And of course since I'm removed I have no way to log in and read the terms and eligibilities. Do u know where I can find them?? Please help!
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