January UK sales figures are in, and Chevrolet is probably not going to be happy with the results. Just one single Chevrolet model was sold for the entire month.

Even more strangely, that's better than January 2017. When they sold zero.

That puts them in last place for major manufacturers in the UK. Sure it's the winter, but even Lotus moved 12 and McLaren saw 53 sales.

Chevrolet doesn't have a huge lineup in the UK. They may have announced a $600 million deal to support Manchester United just four years ago, but that hasn't exactly translated to showroom floors.


If you want a Chevy in the UK, you can get a Camaro or a Corvette. That's it. And they'll be left-hand drive in a right-drive country. The rest of the lineup, including the Trax, Cruze, Spark, and Aveo, was pulled in 2015. The mainstream market went to Vauxhall, since sold to PSA.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders reports the sales figures, but they don't break them down by model. So we don't know what model the single lonely January deliver Chevrolet was. We'll hope that it was a Corvette Z06 that is off to decorate the rainy grey countryside with bright yellow goodness and a V8 rumble.