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Chevrolet's American Revolution On the Record

Chevrolet has shown us some fabulous cars coming soon or already in the dealers, but the American Revolution needs a few brushing up to get to the point. I have listed a few stuff I want to see happen within the next few years with Chevrolet. Personally, I think what new models Chevy is coming up with right now looks pretty good:

*Tahoe/Suburban replacement with new exterior & interior
*New Avalanche, Silverado, trucks & suv interiors
*New RWD Impala
*New RWD Monte Carlo
*Colorado based Blazer (like the idea)
*$30K coupe/roadster (RWD, something like Nomad)
*SS version of Aveo
*SS version of Malibu
*SS version of RWD Impala & Monte Carlo
* 450+ hp Corvette Z06

All these additions will do good. But we have to exclude some models from the Chevrolet lineup

*Blazer (let the Equinox replace it, Chevy!)

Chevrolet will have to let go of these models if they want to be a tough, vital competitor in the race. The early and late 90s vans disgusted me, and the Uplander really isn't my thing ;) , but of course Chevrolet is sure to redesign or add some cool features soon.

All I have to say is: Chevrolet, An American Revolution
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