Along with the Corvette Convertible, Chevy slipped in another unveiling. You're pretty unlikely to be able to buy this one.

The C8.R will continue both Chevrolet and the Corvette's legacy of circuit racing excellence. And it couldn't have come a moment too soon.

The C7.R, which in its time was a success (16 wins, including a class win at Le Mans) was starting to show signs of its age this summer. A mid-engine car's natural balance-and the latest racing knowledge-should help propel this to the head of the pack.

Unfortunately, exactly how that will happen is still unknown because Chevrolet was tight-lipped about what was under the hood. A video of the car testing, though, may provide some hints.

As Road & Track points out, the C8.R's engine has significant tonal differences from the C8. Although it is far from confirmed, rumors of a flat-plane crank could account for the difference in engine note.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait another week--until the IMSA Petit Le Mans race at VIR--before Chevrolet deigns to tell us precisely what's under the hood.