Production of the C8 Corvette will accelerate thanks to a second shift on the line. With that, customers may start receiving their Corvettes sooner than expected.

The second shift started on August 31, according to reports, and has, predictably, sped up production. Chevrolet was building 95 Corvettes a day in August and reports suggest that it is now completing 140 cars per day.

According to Corvette Blogger, the speed of the ramp-up was possible thanks to second-lone workers being trained before the pandemic shut down production.

Although Chevrolet may still not be able to complete all of its 2020 orders, this will at least get customers their C8s faster, even if they turn out to be 2021s.

Months of shutdowns, slowed production, supplier issue, and GM's reticence to offer its workers a fair contract, have all conspired to considerably slow Chevrolet's production potential. When COVID shutdowns started, fears sprung that the 2,700 C8s produced prior to March could be the only ones.