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Originally posted by Ming@Jan 15 2004, 04:07 PM
About the only things that could screw the Cobalt up would be a lot of recalls, bad factory assembly/fit & finish, or poor handling/driving experience.   

...or if it's overpriced for a small car could screw it up too. However, I think/hope this car is a home run. I agree that the biggest thing that stands in it's way is the misconception that you just "have" to have a Toyota or Honda for quality. Even my sister thinks that way. She had an 89 Grand Am LE that she put 225,000 miles on the old 2.5L "Iron Duke" 4-banger. She abused that car and only had to have brake and exhaust work and a few other small items. But when she sold the car she "had" to have an Accord because in her perception Honda is better. That's the type of mentality that stand in the way of a car like the Cobalt
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