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Good God that blows the old Z24 model Cav. away * I owned a 1999 Z24* :woot2:

That interior is bad *** for a little car like that, almost as nice looking as a VW jetta's quality wise from the picture and a hell of alot better than the Mali and G6. And its nice to see they got the look of the radio right with it, something I can't say about the Mali and G6 too. I think I'm soold on this car, sure the exterior isn't perfect *but better than alot of cars* but there will be a ton of aftermarket slap on's for this car you have to remember.

So the base model gets the 140hp 2.2L, mid line gets a 2.4 170hp and the SS gets a s/ced 2??hp motor. Nice line up, but I'm really waiting to see the specs on the SS motor. As long as it makes more than 200hp I'll buy it.
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