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Cathedral to industry echoes its past glory

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I'm a sucker for a good American turnaround story. For Ford's sake, I hope that River Rouge delivers on its promises - again.

Cathedral to industry echoes its past glory
Environment-friendly, high-tech plant poised to set new standard
By Daniel Howes / The Detroit News
Robin Buckson / The Detroit News

DEARBORN--In its day, Henry Ford’s River Rouge was the largest single industrial complex the world had ever seen.
It symbolized the American economic might that helped win two world wars, shaped the foundation of organized labor and came to represent the post-war prosperity of middle-class homes with a car in every driveway, kids in college and jobs on the assembly line.
The Rouge was America, but America changed.
This is now. A corner of Ford Motor Co.’s vast Rouge complex is being revived with a state-of-the-art assembly plant, Dearborn Truck, that likely will do more than boast the capacity to build nine different models. It will offer the world a glimpse of what second-century automaking could be.
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