At the start of next year, Steve Carlisle, the newly installed head of Cadillac, will introduce his plan for the brand. And while he doesn't want to reveal too much before then, he did tell the Detroit Free Press that he was calling it "master brand."

"Cadillac has its own values-boldness, optimism, innovation, sophistication," explained Carlisle. "That will be reflected in the master brand."

Naturally, the challenge is how to bring those values to life, though. And the first move has already been made. By bringing the brand back home to Detroit, Cadillac is making its transformation easier.

The brand has already announced that it will launch a new or redesigned vehicle every six months and that means that having all of its designers, engineers, and marketers in the same place as GM will be crucial.

Crucial, because fixing the brand's quality issues is Carlisle's next mission. The brand fell to the bottom half of Consumer Reports' reliability survey earlier this week and sales have fallen by nearly 9% so far this year.

But Carlisle claims that Cadillac is already working on it.

"Sitting here today, the quality of what's coming out of our factories is much improved," he told The Detroit Free Press. "And we're taking great pains to get that information out there."

Most importantly, though, Cadillac wants to focus less on brands than it does on the people who are actually buying cars.

"We're targeting customers versus competitors," said Carlisle. "Cadillac has to have its own persona and not be defined by where other brands are and are not. It has to have its own definition and that's what we're reflecting in our master brand."

To that end, Cadillac will the empire's technology leader, introducing the newest self-driving technology, electric technology, and more for General Motors.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until the first quarter of next year to find out what Cadillac does after it's finished with daring greatly.

[source: Detroit Free Press]