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A new year with new themes.
The first local show B'brook,IL happened this Saturday and every year the shows are different as new ideas are displayed.

This year, the shows are attracting the younger people with tuners and hydraulics and primered cars. I guess the new look is not to have a deep shine but a car only in primer-like an egg shell surface (somewhere between flat and semi-gloss). It's interesting but not for me.

One also can see where loyalties lie.

Older guys--the 50's and 60's cars. Camaros, Impalas (a black 62 was shown-it was the toughest car there), Mustangs. Then there is a jump to the 2000's with the older guys showing Corvettes and Mustangs. PS-Guys, you gotta work on those bellies! Some of you should step away from your rides a little to do some situps. :lol:

The newer Mustangs are solid and attracting attention across the age spectrum.

Young guys-Tuners to the early 20's crowd as well as late model Camaros. I am betting that late model Camaros will increase in popularity. Camaros that are slightly warmed and sporting aggressive exhausts. These cars are catching the interest of both the old and young.

The Japanese tuner rides are becoming ever more popular. Being an engineer and machine designer, I appreciate how add on parts are shoe horned into already tight engine compartments and I see their work as refreshing to this pastime which is saturated with 69 Camaros (altho a great car, you know what I mean).
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