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On June 13th a local Pontiac Club I belong to had their annual show at a local dealer and I was in charge (how cool is that? :D ). This is our 20th year- the first year I wasn't even born yet- and we had about 100 cars show up.

That Sunday my Dad and I were kind of rushing to get out the door, him have the reputation of always being late, so he handed me the key to the dealership (oh yeah, you heard right :p) & I got to drive his daily driven Trans Am there:

Being it was 7:50 a.m. and the show starts at 8:00 a.m. I had to get there fast, seeing it was in the city and we live about 25 miles away....I got there right at 8:00 :lol: - driving fun! Yay!

Dad not following far behind with the Woody:

If your interested in seeing the pictures I took, I also do the club's just visit the Link:

Anyways...It was a very busy day for me, but in the end everyone I talked to said I did a great job :) , I plan to do it next year since I got the "hang" of it B) .
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