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Car Part Stuck in Person 51 Years Following Auto Accident!!!

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Here is an amazing story of one man's experience following a 1963 vehicle accident--some of you may find it interesting, as I did:

It seems to me a significant factor in this occurrence is that the 1963 Thunderbird featured a "swing away" steering wheel that moved laterally (as opposed to tilting up and down) to create more space for entry and exit of the car--and likely it collapsed upon impact in that pathway and the turn signal lever trajectory could more easily poke into the driver's arm? It definitely influenced this uncommon occurrence! Glad there was no great, lasting damage to the driver!

I've always admired the Thunderbirds through around 1976, especially the earlier models. In 1963, there was an especially nice "Monaco Edition" offered, in reference to Princess Grace of Monaco, featuring a special paint scheme and added luxury equipment. For '61 through '63 there were unique door handles on the exterior of Thunderbirds, and the rear seat featured "wrap around padding" on the outboard positions. Sharp looking cars . . .
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Oops!!! Sorry for the duplicate post! My faux pas!
That is crazy! I guess there was so much else for the doctors to take care of that they overlooked his arm, or just assumed it was a puncture. I just can't believe that it didn't cause problems or irritation earlier!
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