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Originally posted by AMcA@Jul 4 2004, 09:02 PM
'stormer: where do you live that you get to see so many STS's -- I'm guessing Michigan, perhaps the Detroit area?  None so far here in Chicago, and i'm downtown where there are loads of expensive cars on the streets.

THIS RAISES ANOTHER POINT: guys, put some information in your profiles.  It's easy to do, and always useful to know at least (1) where a guy lives, and (2) what he drives.  Take a minute.  Fill in your profile infomation.  It's easy to do, and it benefits everyone.
I live about an hour north of Detroit. My father works in Detroit and he saw the new STS 2 days before the Official unveiling of the car!! I have also seen about 5 05 vettes, my neighbor had one parked in his drive way for a night a couple months ago. One of the new vettes I saw was a test mule, it was getting off the highway. That is one thing I love about Michigan, you see tons of brand new, not even on the showroom cars. When I was leaving the NAIAS I saw a Dodge Magnum mule at a stop light. I dont see nearly as many new cars as my father does, since he works in Detroit. I tried convincing him to get a camera phone when his company got new phones but he didnt want to pay the expensive premium they charged. Oh yeah, my neighbor that had the 05 vette in his drive way, also had an H2 SUT parked there too back in May........ :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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