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What an astute comment--you want high tech but have no justification for it. This, more than anything, is the problem with American car buyers. You know what I consider high tech? Any engine that gives motive power commensurate to the type of car it is going in, with high reliability and lowest price.
You see, judging engines based on real-world criteria makes much more sense than "VVT Roxorz!" or "DOHC 24 valvz ownz U!!" Why engineer (and make the customer pay for) a solution for a problem that doesn't exist? The 3.4 L is more than adequate for this type of vehicle, since it DOESN'T have tech just for tech's sake, it's broad and accessible powerband will shine during normal driving. I am guessing it's fuel economy will also be steller, similar to the Malibu's.
1 - 1 of 68 Posts
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