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B) Well I'm not impressed. Stopped by to see one today. The interior looked very austere (cheap). The mileage is not worth singing praises over. The gas tank is too small.

The thought of a chinese engine is pretty scary. Then I recalled when the folks at Powertrain sold the old line to the chinese. Somehow I knew this would haunt the good folks at Tonawanda. Fortunately for them GM has been pouring a lot of dough into the plants over the years and they continue to produce fine engines. (Well mostly, I have an '02 saturn L200 with the I4 they built there. Plenty of power, fact is I passed on the six because I couldn't discern enough of a difference. Anyway the engine on mine, like all the other folks I know with one continues to have electrical problems even though my dealer has had it in several times. On deceleration all the lights flash on and off. )

Anyway, the mileage thing is a real wonder. I've had two 3800's (one in a '98 Bonneville the other in an '04 Grand Prix). They perform incredibly. I get 30 MPG highway doing 70+! And it has 200HP! How they can't get all their engines that stingy is a crazy. That's 20% better then nox's paultry 25. That's a lot.

As for the gas tank 17 gallons? I had a Ford Escape (the company stuck me with it while I waited for GP) with the mini tank and really shlocky mileage, around 22 on the highway. I was in the gas station every other day. Doesn't anyone ever think about these things? 20 or 22 would have been much better.

Is there going to be a Pontiac version of this?
1 - 1 of 68 Posts
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