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Originally posted by usa1@Mar 11 2004, 09:54 PM
This is a preview, not a review. I've been reading C&D for years and they tend to be "gentle" on their previews or solo tests. Read their preview of the 2004 Grand Prix and then compare it to their full blown review of it. Quite different reads. Also, their comparos are where their real feelings really become apparent. When they compare and rank a vehicle, that's when you can tell if they really like it or not.

The Equinox has attractive looks inside and out, but why did GM have to put such and old and outdated motor in it? At least the 3500 would have cracked the 200 HP mark. Based upon what the Equinox brings to the table and the state of the competition, I predict a middling performance in the next comparison test. I hope I'm wrong.

The latest Consumer Reports is already marking the Equinox down, site unseen, because of this old motor. You can tell they won't rate it well already.

Yeah, they can be like that sometimes... But they were very detailed (smooth ride, Japenese lightswitch) with the Equinox, which makes me think that their review will be just as good..

We shalll wait and see :drevil:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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