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Can the Coming Fiesta Save Ford?

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Can this car save Ford?

Ford is betting its future on a new strategy, starting with a small car built for the whole world.

(Fortune Magazine) -- What makes a Ford a Ford? The question is simple, and a 105-year-old company should know how it wants its cars to look, feel, and drive: the resistance in the steering wheel, the spring in the seats, the rumble from the exhaust. But Ford is still struggling to find an answer. So on a blustery spring morning, CEO Alan Mulally and 25 top executives from the United States and Europe meet at a test track near company headquarters in Dearborn, Mich., to tease that question out, one component at a time.

More at link:

Interesting article. Sounds like Mullaly has the company on the right path.:)

(Hopefully this isn't a repost. :eek:)
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They probably should just ban you for your careless error. It's inexcusable. :-D
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