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Camaro goes to Europe for least for a trip?

If GM plan is to put Camaro in worldwide sale ...
I think I've got an interesting idea..

Modern Muscle School Drive: 3 modern Pony across Europe: an idea

I’m huge Muscle cars fan, I writing an articles about Muscle Machines to polish Classicauto magazine.
Modern Muscle Cars movement is also something that many people was waiting for a long time and I’m really happy they last...
There’s a plan in my mind that I belive might be interesting for Ford, GM, and Chrysler as well…. I’m curious if You have the same in Your mind…
It’s just a concept/idea that can be developed into sth real…here we go:

I’m thinking, how about a little trip across Europe next summer with three modern Muscle – Pony Cars(I’m thinking 2009/2010 models of Camaro, Mustang and Challenger)!
To visit the biggest European cities, an important autoshows and American cars gatherings (like Vasteras, Komoron…etc….)
(I know that Dodge made same European tour this year with it’s Challenger ‘2008).

In every country 3 other journalist would take care of cars and drive them across their country to the border to leave them for 3 journalist from next country…That is a great opportunity for journalist to have a time with the cars/test them, and maybe to write comparishion review. (Local dealers and press would be informed and will take care of proper marketing and PR, they can help to prepare an interesting event..)

Route: (For example):

Start 
London – Paris – Barcelona – (Lion) – Geneva – Rome – Venice – Budapest – Viena – (Polland: Krakow or Warsaw or Wroclaw) – Prague – Berlin – Kopenhagen – Stockholm – (Scandynavia loves MC) – Amsterdam – London
 Finish

It’s almost 20 cities mentioned here, so it sounds like 3 – 4 weeks journey.
The other option might be joining some race across Europe like for example: Gumball 3000 Rally (it’s quite a big event…)

I think that idea might be great if it come into life. It’s, I belive, not such a complicated project and it can be done with a little help from local car dealers and jurnalists. I think it’ll have a huge impact on european’ll educate about Golden Age of Muscle Cars.. it can bring profits to producers and clients and it might be great fun as well....

With pleasure I’ll hear from You, what do You think about such an idea.., Maybe this kind of plan is in progress..? 
I could try to prepare a plan/ a scenario of such event…contact some journalists..
Ernest Z.
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