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A computer flying a plane is much easier than driving a car. Airplanes don't have anything to run into - trees, other planes, pedestrians, guard rails, etc. And auto landing uses landing aids on-board and at the airport with fixed glide paths. There are much less variables for planes as compared to cars.
Are you kidding me, cat 3 systems allow for 1,000 feet of separation between airplanes while in the air.

Have ever seen a flight map of the US? It shows how many airplanes ✈ are currently flying. There are so many planes on the screen you can't see the outline of the states.

So the computers not only help the airplanes take off and land they keep all airplanes 1k feet apart by talking to each other.

Cars will be no different.

I can't believe people are so scared of this technology. Applying it to cars should be easier then airplanes.
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